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The Game Of Homes

Winter is coming!

It is officially the best time to start your remodel & it is officially the worst time to start your remodel.

Confused yet? Well stay with me, we will work thru this together.

Let's start on a positive note shall we?

First of all we live in Texas, and whether we can agree on whether Austin is the Best part of our state or the Worst, we can all agree on the weather, it's crazy! Crazy good for winter rebuilds. Overall we have more clear, warmish days to continue on-going construction, ( so we've got that going for us which is noice;) This may not be enough to convince you to fill out a Home Adviser request form yet but trust and believe that remodeling your bathroom in Marquette, MI this time of year is a whole other ball game. Next positive; contractors are available. Yes, good contractors are available. The average home owner DOES NOT like their home environment in disarray during the holidays. We have family in & out, we have parties & planned dinners, we have that week we have to be in Ohio because Jimmy Jr.'s wife is too pregnant to travel. The biggest reason the average owner does not want to mess with the hassle of a construction project this time of year is the Grizwald syndrome. Allllll that holiday cheer spreading from corner acre to corner acre it's just too much for most. What I am getting at is even the best of contractors schedules free up simply because of the congestion in personal schedules in the winter time.

Math: lets do some math. Less available home projects + more available contractors= more competitive pricing!

Now don't set your expectations too high on this one because material prices do not change, employee wages do not decrease, and bills are still as consistent in a contractors world as they are in yours ( oh yeah, and they like buying Christmas presents for their families also)

However with less work available you can usually get them to shave a little off of the top of your bid or throw in an additional cool feature that would be out of budget in those busy spring months. Yay, We like remodeling in the winter.

Now then, since life usually doesn't make anything too easy or cut and dry here are the pitfalls to be leery of when remodeling in the cold season. First, see blog # 2 titled The Game Of Homes and read sections: all of them to this point, taking note of negative descriptions pertaining to weather, holidays, travel, and money. Second, because there is a less demanding schedule sometimes the job will take longer than usual or expected. Trades and sub-contractors can be less reliable and working conditions may be exaggerated in order to enjoy a 3 or 4 day weekend around seasonal festive advents.

In the words of Forrest Gump, " That's all I have to say about that."

Well I think we have done some real good here and I am including a sample visual aid with this blog to demonstrate what the good contractors do this time of year to attract your business and keep you smiling;).

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